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The Canadian Tornado

Regularly sarcastic, and often snarky, Rain Stickland is the author of nearly 400 articles on a wide variety of topics, two published books (the first of the Tipping Point trilogy - Tipping Point and Ground Zero), and is the editor of the dystopian short story anthology, Imperfections. She writes for two blogs and multiple websites, and is currently at work on her third novel, Salvage Rights, the conclusion to the Tipping Point trilogy.

Insane curiosity compels her, and when a question is raised she feels she must know the answer. Once she has an answer, Rain is driven to share her newfound knowledge with as large an audience as possible.

On a personal level, like anyone else she's had her ups and downs. As a remedy for those roller-coaster moments, she considers ferrets a sure cure to whatever ails her, and to be fair it seems to work.

Rain occasionally likes to stick her nose into things, too. Being somewhat politically-minded, she often has the temerity to speak out about various injustices she sees in the world. A proud defender of equal rights, no matter whose rights are being threatened, she involves herself in various campaigns in order to try to make a small difference in the world. Yes, she's a bossy little thing, but she can't help herself. Her activism is a little more limited than she would like, but she hopes that when she's dragged kicking and screaming from this world, she's left more positive than negative behind.

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